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6 Sewer Line Issues and How Plumbing Companies Can Help?

Sewer lines help carry wastewater away from your property. A malfunctioning sewer line will cause flooding, corrosion of pipes, frequent clogs, a foul smell, and overflow. Understanding the challenges that can affect your sewer line helps you find the right repair solutions. Here are six common sewer line issues and ways plumbing companies will help:

1. Clogged Sewer Lines

With clogged sewer lines, you may experience wastewater rising from other drains such as sinks and showers. Sewer line clogging forms water backups that alternate locations. When you plunge a kitchen sink that is clogged, the wastewater will come back up in another drain. Look out for signs showing that your sewer line is clogged. Sewage odors inside or around your home, and mold growth around plumbing fixtures are common signs. 

Plungers and drain snakes may help unclog temporary blockages leading to clogged sewer lines. Professional plumbing companies utilize hydro-jetting equipment to help fix persisting sewer line challenges. The equipment uses high pressure to remove accumulated debris in hard-to-reach areas and unclog your pipes.  

2. Misaligned Sewer Lines

The shifting ground can offset the position of your sewer lines. Connections between the sewer line sections can be severed, leading to problems like slow drainage and backups. Misaligned sewer pipes will disrupt wastewater flow and cause sewage spills. The misaligned parts of the pipes form gaps that let wastewater escape to the surrounding area. This will cause contamination.

Plumbing professionals will apply a pipelining technique. In pipelining, a flexible resin-coated liner is put in the affected area. It is inflated to match the interior shape of the pipe. The liner creates a new fitting pipe in the old pipe. This technique realigns displaced sections and restores smooth wastewater flow. Some experienced plumbing professionals do video inspections to help identify the exact point of damage. 

3. Cracked Sewer Lines

Patches of green or brown grass growing in your yard can be a sign of cracks in your sewer line. Old age, shifting ground, and outside pressure are some of the likely causes of cracks. When neglected, cracks can cause destructive blockages that may necessitate full replacement of your sewer line. Trenchless repair approaches such as pipelining are a simple solution for plumbing professionals. It is less invasive compared to traditional approaches. Pipelining requires points of access at the start and the end of a damaged pipe, lowering the need for large excavation. 

4. Collapsed Sewer Lines

Backed-up drains, sewage leaks, foul smells, and sinkholes are indicators that you have a collapsed sewer line. Opt for trenchless repair approaches like pipe lining or bursting depending on the extent of damage. In some cases, excavation may be necessary to reach and replace the damaged areas. A qualified plumbing professional will help you assess the damage and determine the appropriate course of action. 

5. Roots Extending Inside Sewer Lines

Tree roots naturally move toward water and nutrients in the sewer lines. The roots penetrate gaps or tiny cracks in sewer pipes to cause blockages restricting the passage of wastewater. Root intrusion may cause total blockage, damage to sewer pipes, or collapse.

Plumbing professionals may apply the hydro-jetting technique to clear roots and foreign materials from the sewer pipes. These professionals will also treat wastewater using chemicals to prevent the accumulation of various nutrients and minerals that enable root growth. Plumbing companies may have to excavate and replace pipes in case of extensive damage due to tree roots. 

6. Corroded Pipes

Aging homes that apply galvanized steel piping may experience corroding pipes. Discolored or rust-colored water and white or blue flakes in the water can signify a pipe corrosion problem. Plumbing companies will fix corroding pipes through re-piping services and water treatment services. Water treatment services eradicate rust and other naturally occurring elements in the water that corrode the sewer pipes.

Contact Plumbing Companies Today

If you notice signs like slow drainage and backups, a plumbing professional will help you diagnose the issue and find reliable repair solutions. Advanced techniques like trenchless repair and the use of video inspection will help you fix sewer line issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact a reputable plumbing company today to learn more about sewer line issues and repair solutions.

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