Common Mistakes Most People Make in Shirt Rooms You Should Avoid

Shirt rooms are for entertainment to help you get rid of stress. They are the best places to spend your leisure time and are open 24/7. It doesn’t matter the time you want to be entertained, you can visit and get their services.

But on your visit, you have to be a good customer. If you don’t you may not get the entertainment you are looking for. Many customers usually make some mistakes that affect their enjoyment. We’ve explained them below for you to avoid them. 

1. Excessive Drinking

The best shirt rooms like Gangnam Dalto (강남달토) feature well stocked bars with a variety of drinks. You can order as many as you want but drink responsibly. It saves you from the embarrassment that usually comes with over drinking. You may lose control of yourself and start making chaos in the shirt room.

Worse still, you no longer mind about what is taking place in the shirt room when drunk and miss out on all the entertainment. You should only consume drinks you can handle to be able to maximize your enjoyment and return home safely. A few bottles of beer may be enough for you.

2. Harassing Managers

Some customers have bad manners of harassing managers which is not allowed in the shirt rooms. You may force management to throw you out of the shirt room with the help of the security team if you behave badly. Managers are there to serve you in the best way possible, but you should also respect them. 

You should treat them with respect to allow them give you excellent services. Managers are also happy with customers who handle them well and will always give you the best treatment on each visit. 

3. Failure to Clear the Bill

Before you visit the shirt room, ensure you have enough money for the services you want. If you don’t, you may end up embarrassed when you fail to pay for them. Take only a number of drinks you will be able to pay for.

Some customers usually have huge bills they fail to pay which forces management to take action. It has to recover the money from you by all means. You can be arrested until you clear the bill. But before that, you are given an opportunity to call your people and see if you can raise any money from them. Save yourself from such situations by visiting with enough funds. 

4. Visiting Late

Despite shirt rooms being open 24/7, you get the best services when you visit early. The period is enough for you to enjoy the services. By the time you want to return home, you have had a good experience.

Imagine visiting the shirt room late in the evening after work yet you have to report home early. You will spend just a few hours. But on weekends, you can visit Gangnam Dalto early enough, like in the afternoon and enjoy until evening or night. You have several hours of unlimited entertainment. Get the best out of shirt rooms by spending more time in them.

Avoid Other People’s Mistakes

It is always better to learn from other customers’ mistakes in the shirt room and avoid them. You get maximum enjoyment when you do it.

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