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5 Top-Rated Concrete Companies in Portland: Comprehensive Guide 

Selecting the best in a market filled with many concrete companies can be challenging. If you check online, you will get positive reviews for over 30 companies, further complicating your search. In such instances, you need an expert to help you evaluate and sort through the clutter to get the best contractor. 

Based on the selection guidelines, the best companies must meet certain qualifications: costs, wider service range, specialty services, customer care, and faster response. With all these guidelines, you can easily select the best company to meet your upcoming needs.  

Instead of spending your whole day searching for the best concrete company in Portland, here is some relief. This article explores the top five concrete companies in Portland.  

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1. AC Moate 

Sometimes, hiring a company that will resolve all your needs should be a priority. A.C Moate offers a wider range of services than every company in Portland and will address your minor and major needs.  

The services include repairs, remodeling, and creating new infrastructure like driveways, sidewalks, walls, and foundations, making it the best concrete company Portland.   

Due to the company size, you will likely get a higher preference whenever you seek the services. For instance, you will likely get someone responding to your needs and be on-site within 24 hours.  

Over the decades, the company has focused on expanding to offer fast and reliable services. This means that the only thing that may likely delay the work is permits and other restrictions. Otherwise, the company is ready to send a team to your home within two days to begin your repair needs. 

This is also the biggest concrete company in Portland, with the highest number of staff, more experience in concrete work, and other benefits. One thing likely to lure you to the company is its values. At the top of these values are customer satisfaction, quality services, and cutting-edge technology.  

You are assured of the best services and attention to detail, ensuring all your work is handled carefully. 

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2. External Rock Construction Inc 

If you have frequent erosion problems around the house that may threaten stability, you need a contractor with experience dealing with the situation. With over 18 years of experience, the company focuses on services like building retention walls, foundation repairs, and constructing anti-erosion walls around the home. 

Besides these roles, the company specializes in asphalt paving to ensure the perfect sidewalks, patios, walkways, and driveways. If you are worried about erosion damage to these areas, you know the experts to contact for help.  

The company’s portfolio of over 1000 projects results from its experience handling various construction concerns. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction, care, and quality procedures.  

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3. Baxter General Contracting 

Imagine the benefit of asking for a quote and having someone visit the site for a free evaluation and inspection. This will help you cut construction costs as you no longer have to pay for consultation. The consultation and site visit is free regardless of the project scale.  

With over 13 years of experience in concrete works, the company has a team of experts focused on various areas. If you need either of these services: driveway repairs, asphalt sealing, concrete wall, retaining wall, concrete sawing, or removal, contact Baxter. 

You can also get specialized services like stamped or colored concrete wall installation and hardscaping. Although the range of services offered may be limited, you are assured of quality services and unique options that no company in Portland offers.  

When reading online reviews, most clients appreciate the company’s involvement in helping homeowners get city construction permits. This ensures your projects are fast and have limited hurdles. 

4. Kerry Becker Concrete Co 

This family-owned and operated company understands what it takes to have the perfect home; hence, it offers quality home asphalt and concrete services. Getting the services is simpler and faster; you only have to leave your contact details, name, and the concrete work you need.  

After that, someone should contact you ASAP to arrange a free consultation.  

Besides the normal repair services, you can get concrete removal and replacement services. If you need a remodel, the contractor will respond to your needs and offer quality services to upgrade your home. Generally, consider this contractor an essential part of your home exterior upgrade services. 

If you are unsure of the needed services, check the website for some models and work done. You can choose either option and ask for similar or slightly modified works. 

5. Bridgeport Concrete Levelling LLC 

You are responsible for ensuring safe walking and driving spaces around your home. This is where this company comes in to repair and remodel damaged sidewalks, driveways, and concrete areas. 

The team specializes in these services and can help with major repairs without seeking more compensation. Due to the technology and experience in repair services, Birigdeport guarantees all major corrective restoration to give your home experience some extreme uplift. 

Despite offering limited services, some are unique and hardly performed by other companies. You can contact them for mid-jacking, concrete repairs, slab jacking, and sidewalk restoration. 

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Wrapping Up 

Before you seek a quote from any contractor on this list, consider the services you need. Next, consider a company with expertise, technology, and service experience. Next, focus on a company offering other packages, like free consultation. Then, you can sign a contract to begin the work.  

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