Navigating India’s Dam Engineering Landscape: A Comprehensive Analysis of Tenders and Procurements (2023-2024)

Introduction: As dams and check dams are crucial for various purposes like water reservation, electricity generation, control velocity of water, and conserving soil, dam engineering tenders are advertised by the various government agencies and PSUs in India. These tenders are procured for procuring various dam construction related services like field survey, consultancy services, and catchment area treatment. Government agencies like the Department of water resources, irrigation department, and Narmada Water Resources procure these tenders not only for constructing dams, but also for repair and maintenance purposes. In addition to dams, government agencies procure these tenders for constructing check dams, bridges cum dams, and bridge cum vented dams.

Yearly analysis: This study analyzes the procurement of dam engineering tenders during the period of March 2023 to March 2024. A total of 515 tenders were advertised by around 100 government agencies in India. Among these tenders, the Minor Irrigation Department, Narmada Water resources, and Water resource department were ranking the top three positions. For instance, the Minor Irrigation Department in Uttar Pradesh issued a tender for construction of Dumuhan check dam (Dumuhan Nadi Par) at village Dumuhan. Narmada Water Resources department in Gujarat advertised a tender for carrying out surveying & designing work for investigation of a big check dam on Banas River at Village Sarotra. The water resource department in Madhya Pradesh issued a tender for construction of 2D and 3D model of Daudhan dam under Ken Betwa link project at Chattarpur Hydraulic Research station in Bhopal.

State-wise analysis: These 515 dam and check dam engineering tenders were advertised across various states in India. Among these tenders Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa were the key buying states. For instance Karnataka issued 139 tenders like the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited in Karnataka advertised a tender for construction of check dam work for Bastihala village. CE and CA CADA Aurangabad in Maharashtra published a tender for a civil work package for rehabilitation, improvement and basic facilities of Manjra Dam in Beed Dist. The water resource department in Goa issued a tender for consultancy for taking up dam projects in Mahadayi Basin namely Nirankal Rivem Nanoda Sonal.

Minor Irrigation Department: Around 120 tenders were issued by the minor irrigation department for various constructions and renovation of check dams that will be planned to provide benefits of particular areas that range from 3 acres to 2000 hectares. For instance, the Minor Irrigation department in Karnataka issued a tender for procuring consultancy service for submission of DPR and DTS in six sets with detailed survey, report, design, drawings and other relevant records for the constructions of check dam across halla near Arashanakeri Village in Koppal taluk of Koppal Dist. Whereas, Uttar Pradesh advertised a tender for construction of check dams at various villages like Dumuhan, Bithagavniphs, and Jaraha, also repairing work of check dams.

Procurement for schemes and projects: A significant number of tenders were issued by the government agencies for various irrigation schemes and projects. For instance, Tungabhadra Board TB Dam issued several tenders for the development of Tungabhadra project. Similarly, the Water Resources Department in Madhya Pradesh issued a tender for conducting survey work of Chitawal dam project. The department of Narmada Water Resources issued a tender for providing consultancy services to prepare techno-economic feasibility reports and also to prepare detailed project reports for the lift Irrigation project from Deo Dam to Various lakes of Halol Taluka.

Unskilled labours: In addition to construction works, tenders were also issued for procuring unskilled labours for various purposes like security, maintenance work, assistance, and monitoring routine breakdown or other issues. For example, the Water Resources Department in Madhya Pradesh published a tender for procuring 3 skilled and 2 unskilled labour for different irrigation projects/dams under light machinery and E/M Sub Division Khandwa. WRD – CE AND AS in Rajasthan issued a tender for supply of JCB, unskilled labour for canal regulation of minor dams. CE-Water Resources Dept. Pune, Maharashtra advertised a tender for providing unskilled manpower for maintenance of Koyna dam and Nehru garden.

Construction of dam along with bridge: Dam engineering tenders were advertised for constructing bridge cum dam/check dam. For instance, the Minor irrigation department in Karnataka issued a tender for preparation of DPR for the work of construction of bridge cum check dam across Doni hole river near Anjanapura Hobali in Shimoga District. Similarly, Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited advertised a tender for consultancy services for detailed investigation survey preparation of design drawings estimated for construction of bridge cum barrage across Sindhunur Halla near Mullur village.

Estimation value: Many dam engineering tenders were published without mentioning the estimation value. But there were still a few tenders with specified estimated cost. Estimation value varies from 50000 to 800 crores. For instance, the Irrigation Department in Kerala issued a tender with an estimated value of 49.8 thousand for investigation of check dam construction U/S of Thadiyampadu Chappath in Vazhathope Panchayat. The Soil and Water Conservation Department in Jammu and Kashmir advertised a tender for Preparation of complete DPR alongwith BOQ, structural designing and vetting of structural drawing for construction of Gabion check dam at village Kouli Panchayat in the District Kathua for an estimation of INR 81000. Whereas, the Minor Irrigation department in Karnataka advertised a tender for construction of bridge cum saltwater exclusion dam in between Pandeshwara-Moodahadu and Barkuru- Bennekudru across Seetha river Udupi District for an estimation of 115.04 crore.

Live analysis: 

As of 22nd April 2024, there are 6 live dam engineering tenders across various states in India. Among these 6 tenders, Rajasthan has 2 tenders followed by Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand with 1 tender each.

Conclusion: The dam engineering tenders were advertised by government agencies for dam related works like constructing and renovation work, consultancy services, and field survey. These tenders were also procured for various irrigation schemes and projects. The above analysis shows the significant demand for the dam engineering services in India. The firms which are providing these services are recommended to actively monitor the tender announcements and participate in the relevant tender to grap the future business opportunities.

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