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NMN Supplements: Are They Worth It? Honest Reviews Revealed! 

You may notice fine wrinkles, sagging skin, and other body changes as you age. While aging is inevitable, you can slow it down and enjoy a youthful look for a few more years. 

NMN supplements are known to increase the level of NAD+, thus slowing down the aging process and increasing the body’s metabolism. While these supplements are useful in the body, you may need to make a few considerations before buying them. Read on for more details on NMN supplements, their work, and whether they are worth it. 

How NMN Supplements Work 

The body’s NAD+ levels naturally decrease when you hit 50 and above. As a result, most body processes slow down, so the skin becomes less firm, and wrinkles appear. 

NMN supplements are a popular option for people looking forward to slowing aging and facilitating the body’s metabolism process. These supplements increase NAD+ in the body, thus promoting DNA repair and energy production.  

NMN stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and is a NAD precursor. The best NMN supplement reviews show that the right amount of this supplement can facilitate body processes. Once you take the supplement, the body naturally converts it to NAD+; hence, you may notice an improvement in your body.  

The Benefits of NMN Supplements 

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More research is still being done to determine the effectiveness of NMN supplements. However, studies on humans and rodents show these supplements can bring positive body changes. Here are some of the proven benefits of NMN supplements. 

1. Could Slow Down Aging 

Aging is a natural process you can’t stop, as it must happen at some point. However, you can delay it by reducing the appearance of aging signs in your mid-years. 

NAD+ production in the body slows down with age, and its reduction slows down most of the body’s processes and facilitates aging. When used well, NMN supplements can significantly slow the aging process. 

2. Might Enhance Body Fitness 

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The body’s aerobic fitness decreases once you reach 45 years and above. It may be hard to continue with your average athletic performance when this happens, but the right supplements can enhance fitness. 

NMN supplements help restore the reduced NAD molecules to improve your body’s aerobic capacity. However, you should still take a healthy diet and maintain an active, athletic lifestyle for your supplements to work well. 

3. Might Improve Body Energy 

You may not restore your youth’s energy while aging, but NMN supplements can improve the body’s overall energy. These supplements help in DNA repair to strengthen your muscles and slow down the muscle degradation process. Besides, the supplements facilitate your body’s metabolism and blood circulation, giving you the right energy for your age. 

4. Could Improve Your Cardiovascular Health 

The heart pumps blood 24/7 throughout your lifespan without taking breaks. As such, it requires the right amount of energy for it to work effectively without fail. When the NAD level in the body is low, the risk of cardiovascular diseases or failures may be high. The correct dosage of the NMN supplement can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart issues. 

5. May Reduce Inflammation 

NAD+ found in NMN supplements has anti-inflammatory features that help reduce inflammation. Studies done on mice show that the pain, swelling, and redness associated with inflammation slowly fade away when using the NMN supplements. However, more studies are still underway to help determine the effectiveness of humans. 

6. May Facilitate Weight Loss 

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Weight loss can be challenging when you are 40 and above because the body’s metabolism is generally low. However, NMN supplements facilitate this process by reducing insulin sensitivity in diabetic women. They improve the body’s ability to change food to energy and reduce the presence of body fat.   

Is NMN Worth It? 

NMN supplements are considered safe for human consumption, and you may use them if need be. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate the consumption of supplements, so you should only get your NMN supplements from a trusted seller. 

If you have never used these supplements and want to try them, find a credible seller and check reviews to confirm that they sell high-quality products. Once you buy, start with a small dosage and only increase it with time until no adverse effects are noted. 

A supplement that has undergone third-party testing will be the best because it will be safe for usage. Follow the usage instructions carefully and confirm that you are not allergic to any written ingredients. Avoid the supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and watch out for any severe side effects. 

More Ways to Increase NAD 

NAD plays a vital role in the body, and you may need to find more ways of increasing it other than depending on the supplements. The supplements will be more effective if you have other reliable sources of NAD. Here are ways to increase your NAD level while using the NMN supplements. 

  • Take foods with high NMN levels, like broccoli, cabbage, beef, and avocado. 
  • Exercise regularly to facilitate the absorption of NAD and help the body produce more NAD. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent DNA damage 


Scientists and health experts suggest that NMN supplements bring many health benefits; hence, they may be worth a try. However, the studies are still few, and more are being done to fully explore the benefits of NMN supplements. In the meantime, talk to your health provider before buying your NMN supplement, and only get them from a reputable seller. 

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